Welcome to United Arts Training Center! We've been teaching Martial Arts, Karate, Kick Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts, Personal Development and Fitness to families in Alexander City, AL and across the nation since 1990. We're located at 894 Hillabee St (256-329-9199).
The Black Belt Exam Weekend Extravaganza
A brief overview of the weekend's events:
Black Belt Promotions: Lindsay Guy 1st degree Jr., Remington VanHouten 1st Degree Jr., Jordan Bunch 1st Degree Jr., Chaz Jones 1st Degree, Caleb Crisler 1st Degree, Hunter Harrell 2nd Degree, Holly Weaver 2nd Degree, Paden Stephens 3rd Degree, Will Fagan 3rd Degree, and Robert Weaver 3rd Degree.
There were 2 Grand Masters and 4 Master Instructors in attendance:

Grand Master Rhodes home is based out of Charlotte, NC.

Grand Master Williams is based out of Jacksonville, FL.

Master John Graham is based out of Mobile, AL.

Master John Maynard is based out of Wilmington, N.C.

Master Lechtenberg is based out of Sandy, UT.

Master Zubin Laliwala is based out of Jacksonville, FL.

Saturday Dec. 14 We had a black belt test that begin at 9:30am and ended at 2pm. This was the biggest test we've had in 20 years and after the test we had a banquet that was catered by Koons Catering that night at 6pm at the First Methodist Church at the Fellowship Hall.
Sunday Dec. 15 We had seminars that started at 9am that morning and ended at 5:30pm then there's a 30 min Power Block questions and answers with the Grand Masters and Master Instructors. A total of 10 hours taught by the guests.

We would also like to thank the Hampton Inn Hotel for the housing on their part and the support of the community.

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